League of legends level 30 account | Goosesmurfs

Low cost, high quality League of Legends accounts for sale.


We don't waste time! Once you've made your purchase, the account details are immediately sent to you via e-mail


We offer a 3-day replacement warranty should something happen to your account. We do not honor this if your account gets banned by your actions, not limited to and including grieving, attitude, leaving matches, etc.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our accounts. All accounts have quality games played and come with a high amount of BE and During events it will come with the Tokens as well.



Before you buy:

  • Accounts come with 40-50k+ BE(Dependant on the account you buy) and Event tokens (If an event is going on).

  • All accounts are Level 30+ and Ready to jump into Ranked!

  • All accounts are Unranked and come with an Unverified E-mail.

  • Accounts come with a 3-day warranty. This only protects from Botting bans(Does not protect from Toxicity bans, Scripting, Griefing or any other Non-Botting related bans.)

Why Choose Us?

We are a United States based team that prides itself on our reputation. We strive to provide the highest quality accounts for your gaming pleasure! Take a look below for what we can offer!