We are always here to answer your questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in these FAQs, then please chat with our support team for fast answers regarding products, services, pricing, and more. The best way to reach us is through Discord or email

how do i know this site is legit?

Feel free to join us on Discord and ask our many repeat customers. (You may even find a coupon code!)

how are you able to sell for such low prices?

We keep our prices down by ensuring our overhead costs are low. We want to build Long term customers, not just a one-and-done.

how long does delivery of my account take?

The delivery process is INSTANT, as soon as your payment goes through you will be sent an E-mail containing the account information in this format - Username:Password

If you do not see the E-mail, please check your junk and spam folders.

what does the warranty cover?

Our accounts are of very high quality, but this does not allow us to control what Riot does with them.

Our Warranty covers any bans that are not in your control as long as it is within the Warranty time. (We do NOT cover - Scripting, Griefing, Toxicity, or anything in YOUR control.)

is it safe to purchase accounts?

Purchasing accounts is against Riot’s Terms of Service and can lead to a suspension of the account. This is a rare occurrence and is mostly caused by the user not taking precautions . When you purchase an account, do not brag about it in-game. Don’t do anything you would not do on your main account. In the case that you do encounter any issues feel free to contact our support.

How do I get my information to login?

When you purchase an account - it will go directly to your email, Be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder. - also it will show up on your “orders” if you create an account on GooseSmurfs website. The info in your e-mail will be in the section that is called, “License Keys” - The “License Key” is the Username:Password for you to Login with.