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Some of us play League of Legends for fun, and then there’s some of us who think of it as a race to Diamond! After all, Riot games made it that way, too. We’re of the competitive category, and hate to see our so-called MMR go down the drain, too. On that note, could we interest you in a game of MMR checking?

What Is MMR?

Match Making Rating, also known as MMR, is a number used by League of Legends to represent a player’s skill level. Yes, Riot games made it so you’re not constantly straying away from that Diamond plaque. This LoL MMR determines which opponents and players you play against. Moreover, this criteria for battling in League is unique for each and every game mode there is. That is, if you’re playing Summoners’ Rift one day and Battle Training the next, MMR could change. At least, that’s what we understand from the rating system of Riot games.

How Do I Check My MMR Manually?

MMR, as we all know, is a hidden statistic in League of Legends. We do thank Riot Games for creating a game we’re able to play in a duo or with anyone! But we wish we had a better understanding of our ELO and our general performance in a teamfight. A way to determine whether MMR is low or high for your current league is by watching your League Points (LP). For example, if your LP gain is somewhere around 17-22 points, then you’re certain you will be playing with players and an enemy team whose league is close to yours!

The MMR Checker

In order to give you a better idea of your MMR in the League system, please use our MMR Checker. This gives you an estimate of your current MMR by tracking solo non-premade games played in rank, normal, and ARAM!

Accuracy Concerns

Our checker gives you an estimate with a 95% confidence interval. Remember your statistics course? No? Well, all this means is that the MMR estimate could be off by 5% of its actual value!

Calculating MMR Using Percentages

A good way to use this to your benefit would be to calculate 5% of your estimated MMR value, or take the given value from the site, then simply add and subtract the 5% from your initial estimate. That make sense? Still no?

Calculating MMR Given Value of Error

An example would be if your estimated League of Legends MMR was stated as 1200 +- 100, then your actual MMR is somewhere around 1100 to 1300. That’s the simplest way we could put it! Netflix Mod Apk We have nothing else to say about the estimates of your Match Making Rating apart from we hope you know how to use a calculator.

Won a Game: MMR Didn’t Change

Here’s the thing you have to take note about estimates, they’re a range of values. If you don’t remember your statistics course, then maybe you remember rates of change from your calculus course? No? Yeah, we hate calculus, too. Well, one thing’s for sure, you’re going to have to be a player of math if you want to understand your MMR and LP estimates!

One Division Game Won’t Change Your MMR

Anywho, given an estimate of your MMR means you know you have a distribution of values present in those 2 given numbers. This simply means that playing 1 game isn’t going to change your estimated MMR.

When Will I See a Change in My MMR?

You’ll notice a change after playing a lot more games. The more you and your friends play with each other, the more accurate the data average will be, too! You will also find the changes through your LP gains. So keep in mind that your LP gains or losses are quite equivalent to your MMR changes!

Estimates: No Data Available

Here’s the thing you have to take note of in most MMR system checkers: estimates are based on solo non-premade games within the last 30 days. Your LoL MMR ranking was never meant to be available to you by Riot Games, so you could expect some difficulties with the transparency. In short, you’re still quite better off estimating your player average ratings through LP.

Premade Matches

Anyhow, premade matches aren’t recorded because this could mean different MMRS between the players and teammates involved in the normal games. Generally speaking, that causes poor matchmaking and inaccurate MMR estimates. So might as well not include it in the calculation, you know? Don’t want any of us having a poor understanding of our performance, feeling like we’re diamond players when we’re way below it. Oops.

Guide to Eliminating the N/A on the Server

Good tactics to ignore that N/A and giving yourself an excuse to play for longer is well, to play more normal games! Watch that match history, too. If you’ve got a goal beyond diamond, you’re going to have to spend hours with all types of players on Summoner anyways.

Improving Your MMR?

If you haven’t realized it by now, winning games makes your MMR go up; losing makes the MMR go down. It’s a pretty straightforward ranking system, really. Doesn’t matter which champion you’re using, or whether you’re in Summoner Name.

Opponent Factor

MMR does affect the opponents you’ll face while you’re in between your ranks. But there hasn’t been any code to state that winning against a stronger player with weaker teammates has a drastic effect on your ELO. With the MMR system, usually, the games are fair anyway; most teams playing against each other have pretty similar MMR so the LP difference shouldn’t be that great either way. Like we’ve said earlier, the MMR is a thing between the games and it’s not information that was ever meant to be publicized.

Just Give That KDA Distribution a Shot

So we kind of just say yes to playing that duo with the person you like and enjoying the land of Summoner Name! All we know right now is that keeping a positive win rate is going to get you closer to those diamond rank players. If you really want an average division score to help you out, we’d say that a good rule of thumbs would be +10 MMR for a win and -10 MMR for a loss.

Relationship Between MMR and LP

The amount of LP gained or lost depends on the different distribution of the players’ MMR, as well as the average MMR of your ranks. To put it into example, a Platinum division player who wins a game at an average MMR of a Diamond will gain more LP as opposed to winning a game at a Platinum MMR!

Queue Dodging

We think it’s safe to say that dodging during champion select doesn’t affect your MMR. Do take note, however, that ranked queues have penalties for players who dodge.


Stuck on that player server trying to figure out your current stand? While we still stand by the role of looking at your LP, maybe it’s time you go check your MMR! After all, the difference between a Platinum player and a Diamond player lies on those invisible numbers. But hey, diamond or not, HAVE FUN!